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Unitized Curtain Wall

  • Unitized  Curtain Wall
Unitized  Curtain Wall

Unitized Curtain Wall

  • Profile Series: DW100, DW120, DW150,(EtcAwing Open)
  • Window Frame:  Aluminum,Steel(Customized)
  • Glass Type: 6+12A+6mm double glass,Etc
  • Hardware: Original German Brand
  • Product description: Unitized Curtain Wall

Quality Assurance

After more than ten years of technical accumulation and research and development, the r&d team has formed a perfect product system. Product Quality inspection: IQC(Incoming Quality Control) , IPQ (Input Process Quality Control, FQC(Final Quality Control) .And has obtained the product test report and the authentication certificate of many countries .

Product Features

1.within the plant cell walls is easy to manufacture industrial production,reduce labor costs,qualitycontrol unit;processing

system to do a lot of in the factory, thus shortening the cycle and curtain wall construction site construction period for the owners to bring greater economic and social benefits.

2.Yin and yang between the unit and the unit is connected mosaic,ability to adapt to structural displacement body can

effectively absorb earthquake,temperature changes,theinterlayer displacement,unitized curtain wall is more suitable for high–rise buildings and pure steel high–rise buildings.

3.Every department received more use of tape seal,do not use weather rubber(a curtain wall technology development trends of current domestic and inteational),weather effects sparring glue,duration and easy to control.

4.Due to the modular construction and installation of curtain wall mainly in the interior, the main structure of adaptability is poor,does not apply shear wall and window wall between the main structure.

Product Details

Application Cases

We have a wide range of curtain wall systems; Suitable for commercial, residential, leisure and healthcare applications.

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