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Stone Curtain Wall

  • Stone Curtain Wall
Stone Curtain Wall

Stone Curtain Wall

  • Profile Series: DW100, DW120, DW150,Etc
  • Window Frame:  Aluminum,Steel
  • Surface Finishing: Customized
  • Stone Type: Customized
  • Product description: Stone Curtain Wall
Quality Assurance

After more than ten years of technical accumulation and research and development, the r&d team has formed a perfect product system. Product Quality inspection: IQC(Incoming Quality Control) , IPQ (Input Process Quality Control, FQC(Final Quality Control) .And has obtained the product test report and the authentication certificate of many countries .

Product Features

Stone walls there are several ways:

T-shaped pendant structure: upper and lower end of the stone mill into a semicircle notch, using T-shaped pendant fixed, easy to absorb deformalion, but Should not replace the damaged sections.

Aluminum pendant structure: upper and lower end opening slot on the stone, made of alumum alloy hook plate fixation, which is characterized by reasonable force,high reliabililty, resistance to deformation ability plate and plate breakage can be achieved after replacement

Back Bolt structure:its characteristic is realeliaed without the stress of stone processing, stone back stainless steel expansion bolt connection, high bonding strength, saving about 30% of the intensity values, the plate deformation resistance ability, and can be achievedafter replacing the damaged plate requirements.

Product Details

Application Cases         

We have a wide range of curtain wall systems; Suitable for commercial, residential, leisure and healthcare applications.



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