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Metal Curtain Wall

  • Metal Curtain Wall
Metal Curtain Wall

Metal Curtain Wall

  • Profile Series: DW100, DW120, DW150,Etc
  • Frame:  Aluminum,Steel
  • Surface Finishing: Customized
  • Metal Type: Aluminum panel,Copper panel, Etc
  • Product description: Metal Curtain Wall

Quality Assurance

After more than ten years of technical accumulation and research and development, the r&d team has formed a perfect product system. Product Quality inspection: IQC(Incoming Quality Control) , IPQ (Input Process Quality Control, FQC(Final Quality Control) .And has obtained the product test report and the authentication certificate of many countries .

Product Features

Metal curtain wall has been dominant in the metal curtain wall, lightweight material, reduce the load of building and provides a good choice for high-rise building conditions, waterproof, anti-fouling, corrosion resistant performance is good, guarantees the building exterior surface lasting long new, processing, transportation, installation, construction is easy to implement, to provide strong support for its widespread use, the diversity of colors and can be combined nto the appearance of different shapes, expand the architect's design space, high cost performance, easy maintenance, long service life, accord with the requirement of owner.

Product Details

Application Cases

We have a wide range of curtain wall systems; Suitable for commercial, residential, leisure and healthcare applications.



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