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Glass Curtain Wall

  • Glass Curtain Wall
Glass Curtain Wall

Glass Curtain Wall

  • Profile Series: DW100, DW120, DW150,Etc (Awing Open)
  • Aluminum,Steel(Customized)
  • Glass Type: 6+12A+6mm double glass,Etc
  • Hardware: Original German Brand
  • Product description: Glass Curtain Wall

Quality Assurance

After more than ten years of technical accumulation and research and development, the r&d team has formed a perfect product system. Product Quality inspection: IQC(Incoming Quality Control) , IPQ (Input Process Quality Control, FQC(Final Quality Control) .And has obtained the product test report and the authentication certificate of many countries .

Product Categories

Curtain wall frame support memberis installed in the field followed by

columns, beams and panels frame supporting walls Fixed manner panel Category:

1. Box bearing walls:exposed frame

curtain wall,hidden frame curtain wall

2. Point–supported glass curtain wall:

Steel truss, glass rib, rodtype, cabletype,

self–balanced cable truss, single type

3. Full glass curtain wall.

Product Features

Frame structre supporting the main features of curtain wall systems :

1. Flexible construction methods, technology is more mature, more projects

through the test of practice, is more in the form of curtain wall structure using.

2. The main structure adaptable installation sequence substantially in

dependent of the main structure.

3. Every deal sealed glued, water tightness, air tightness, air tightness, with

better insulation, acoustic noise reduction capabilities, with a displacement

between certain anti layer capabililty.

4. Panel material unit assembly plant production, structural adhesive

performance is guaranteed.

5. A large installation process on site, requiring on-site management workload.

6. Sealant stringent construction requirements,

pre-cleaning, gluing process requires high quality of workers, install a plastic

control points, more demanding project management quality.

Product Details

Application Cases

We have a wide range of curtain wall systems; Suitable for commercial, residential, leisure and healthcare applications.



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