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About us

Our company is the leading professional Manufacturer of all types of High end windows ,doors, curtain wall systems in china. We have more than 20 years manufacturing and 10 years exporting experience. Our Products have been delivered to more than 50 countries all over the world. We provide 10 years warranty for all types of doors windows curtain wall products.

We have 3 manufacturing factories across China, 8 internationally advanced processing and production lines imported from Germany and Italy, Annual Productivity is 1000,000 ㎡;With more than 500 employees across the world; We attach great importance to R&D and innovation, recently we have developed Steel window system and bullet proof windows, Which can suit more customer needs...

Our business philosophy is: Quality is life; Never sacrifice quality for low prices, Company culture :integrity,dedication,Persistence and continuous Innovation;

We do Sincerely Welcome to Visit our company. We are looking forward to establish long term win-win business relations with you.



Contact: Lily

Phone: +8613811858262

Tel: +8613811858262

Email: Lily@dorwin.cn

Add: No. 48, Government Street, Xiji Town, Tongzhou District, Beijing

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